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Sorry I haven’t been on lately, my dear readers.  First, I was locked out of J2GF and then when I finally dug my way back in, I was swamped with a personal project.  The bestie and I have talked forever about this project, but we have finally decided to get serious about it.  When I am given the go ahead to talk about it, I will let you all in on our little secret.  But more centered on this blog, ME! 🙂  More deets about my life lately after the jump in 3…2…1…



Calm, at long last.

Posted: May 22, 2013 in A Step in the Journey
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I can’t believe this, but today is fine. I am calm, I am relaxed, and while I’m not ecstatic – I am ok. This is the first day in a while where some obscure image, sound, or thought didn’t send me into barely held back tears.

I don’t know why, but I’m not about to question it. Never look a gift horse in the mouth and such. I hope all of you are having as pleasant a day as I am. 🙂

If not, I’m always here via the contact form for you to talk to privately.

Until tomorrow, smile, because you look gorgeous with happiness written on your face.


I was brooding on my way to work this morning.  Today was different, though.  I wasn’t depressed, or sad, or happy.  I don’t actually have a word for what I was feeling this morning.  Technically I was happy, in a good mood.  I started thinking about what I would like to see happen in the next few months.  I know what I want to happen, I even know how to go about getting what I think I want.  What I don’t know, is how it will actually pan out.  I hate that feeling, I like to know what is going to happen.  This emotional dissection has become the norm for me.  I have a 30 minute drive twice a day, Monday through Friday, so I tend to use this time to obsess over some trivial matter or the day at large.  I know it doesn’t help, but sometimes I can’t shut my mind down to just relax.  I like to think of this time as my private “freak out sessions.”  That aside, there are days where I’m not stressing, days where I just jam out to the music.  My days tend to come in a Noah’s Ark 2 by 2 pattern…  I have a few days where I think it would be so easy to just drive off the bridge halfway from my home to work, and then those days are followed by a few where I just smile and am happy.