About IsKDFine

I am a typical mid-20’s woman.  I try too hard, I love too much, and I fall too often.  I am learning to pick myself back up again and to answer the world’s “Why are you here?” with a big, “Because I fucking want to be!”  I love all things scifi, especially anything to do with Joss Whedon.  So even though this blog is about a journey we must all take, I have created a “Random Post” tag to identify the non-path journalings.  Many of these will be dedicated to scifi, space, books, music, and all the other things that make me smile with wonder.  🙂  I love to write, but I hate deadlines.  I like to clean when I am anxious or stressed for some reason.  I am generally a happy person, but I have my days of doubt.  This blog is my journey to overcome the limitations that my own brain has imposed on my happy ending.  My goal with this blog is to learn how to take this fake smile…


…and turn it into a real smile.


What do you think?

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