Kill ’em with kindness…

Posted: May 20, 2013 in A Step in the Journey

I have always hated that term.  Along with, “don’t stoop to their level,” “everything happens for a reason,” “when life hands you lemons…”  I don’t think of myself as a pessimistic person, but sometimes I don’t want to be the moral one, or the strong one, or the brave one, or the anything.  Sometimes I want to be able to break down and say something nasty back.  And most of the time, I feel that way mostly because I want to see the look on their face when they feel the bite of their own words coming back to them.

I know I sound like I’m in a foul mood, but I’m really not.  I just think that some days when someone is being a total ass, I should be allowed to be an ass back without someone throwing a cliché’ at me.  I know that I  will feel better in the end if I hold my head high, but that is a long and arduous journey and sometimes I think it’s ok to take a break from the climb to “maturity” and just stick your tongue (or middle finger, tee hee hee) out at the jackass that is baiting you.

Yeah, so I can be really childish.  I acknowledge this.  I own it.  And at times, I fucking love it.  Not to bring an brat convention to town, but what have you guys done lately that was really rotten and yet felt so awesome?  Com’on!  I share my dirty secrets with you… O.o


What do you think?

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