Hyundai suicide ad, a sad shot at humor.

Posted: May 11, 2013 in A Step in the Journey
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Many times when we are thinking about ending it all, we do not think about who and what we will be leaving behind.  We know that there are going to be people hurt, angry, and confused, but our hurt, anger, and confusion is blinding us to everything and everyone around us.  Although this blog began as a way to find my own path back into the light and out of my own personal hell of darkness, I am quickly realizing that I was also ignorant of the impact of things like the Hyundai suicide ad.


The ad tries at humor, but instead mocks what brings someone to that point…  There are ways to laugh through pain, but this is not one of those ways.  It was, in fact, crude and not well thought out.  More importantly, it reminds the survivors of suicide what they lost and how little they could do to stop the destructive behavior of their loved ones.  All in all, I would deem this an epic “fuck you” to anyone with any experience with suicide.  Maybe next time Hyundai will use logic when trying to make light of a serious situation.

Hyundai suicide ad: an ad exec responds with memories of her father.images


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